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Laws Have Feelings, Too?

Leaving aside the main point (the criminality of killing an unborn child

without the mother’s permission), and the meta-point (the federalizing

thereof), is anyone else as irritated as I am by this tagging of legislation

with the names of victims? “Megan’s Law,” … “The Ryan White Act” (which,

as Michael Fumento noted, would more rationally be named “The Robert

Mapplethorpe Act”),… Now we have “Laci and Connor’s Law.” Doesn’t anyone

feel, as I do, that it subtracts from the cold majesty of the law to

personalize and sentimentalize legislative acts in this way? Even less

personal, but still sentimental, epithets like “The No Child Left Behind

Act” give me the creeps. Can’t we just have bland, legal-sounding laws?

Watching the signing ceremony for “Laci and Connor” on the telly, I found

myself waiting for the hankies to come out. The State is the cold, stern

guardian of our rights and liberties, not a frigging psychoanalyst leading



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