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Le Pen Flips?

Arnaud De Borchgrave has a remarkable report on France’s civil war. The big news here is that Jean-Marie Le Pen’s far right National Front has given up its opposition to Muslim immigration and has instead allied with Muslims, taking America and the Jews as its primary targets.  This shift has provoked a split in the movement, with conservative Christians refusing to go along.  Meanwhile, anti-Semitic incidents are at epidemic proportions in France.

I’d like to see more than one report on this (there’s not a lot of detail here), but this news is stunning, if true.  It immediately brings to mind Mark Steyn’s new book, America Alone, which I’m reviewing for NRODT.  Steyn argues that, under pressure of a growing Muslim population, ever more non-Muslims will be coopted, or even convert.  If De Borchgrave is right about Le Pen’s flip, it would be an early and rather spectacular confirmation of Steyn’s argument.  On the other hand, Steyn predicts that a rump of traditionalists Europeans will eventually fall into civil war with Europe’s surging Islamists.  At this rate, though, Europe may flip more easily than even Steyn believes.  (HT The Brussels Journal.)


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