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Via (who knew?): “While the rest of the US will be discussing the Democratic victories that secured a House majority and a potential Senate majority, most online poker players will be discussing a single victory; the one that unseated 30 year incumbent Republican Jim Leach….While Leach may have been the most vulnerable of the anti-online gaming contingent, his defeat was still considered something of an upset. Although the race was tight, Leach never trailed his opponent in the polls prior to the election. Some of the Republicans facing defeat this morning are those that can blame their strong conservative ties to the Bush administration. Leach, however, was perceived to be a moderate Republican, positioning himself as pro-choice and voting against the 2003 Bush tax cuts and the Iraq war resolution. One has to wonder if the online gaming vote helped edge Leach onto the rail.”   I’d guess that this is pretty unlikely, but I’ve received a number of e-mails suggesting that this might have been the case..

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