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Leadership, Sessions

Further evidence Jeff Sessions should be in the Senate leadership, from the Tuscaloosa News:

U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions said Thursday that the power shift in Congress “may be more a reflection of frustration than any affirmation of the fundamental Democratic agenda.”

But the Alabama Republican said the new Congress would face the same challenges as the old: the war in Iraq and formu-lating a comprehensive immigration policy….. [For more on Sessions and immigration see here.]

….“People are very uneasy and want to see some clear vision for a successful result,” Sessions said of the war. “The general approach to this has got to be re-evaluation there.”….

…“The hard working American public that agrees with frugality did have a right to be upset the Republicans with the majority did not do more to contain [pork – barrel spending] and did not oversee spending in federal government,” he said. “The Democrats say they want some reform and if they push for it there will be plenty of Republican votes to do better.”…

….Overall, Sessions said, mem-bers from both parties needed to “quit talking and do some things.” He said Republicans should support the Democrats “when they’re right” but chal-lenge them “when they’re wrong.’’

“I think it will be interesting to see if [the Democrats] can move from this relentless criticism to a more positive agenda,” said Sessions. “The American people are giving them a chance now and I think they need to step up.”….

The man gets it.

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