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Leahy: Bloomberg ‘Didn’t Help a Bit’ in Gun-Control Push, Actually Hurt the Cause

One leading Democratic senator believes that Michael Bloomberg’s gun-control efforts did more harm than good. “Unfortunately, you have some on the left like the mayor of New York City, who actually didn’t help a bit with his ads,” said Patrick Leahy of Vermont.

“He actually turned off some people that we might have gotten for supporters,” he told C-SPAN’s Newsmakers on Sunday.

Other Democrats have been criticial of Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns group and its efforts, arguing that the mayor hasn’t been an effective spokesman for the cause. Earler this summer, New York senator Chuck Schumer said Bloomberg’s ads were “not going to be effective” in the debate.

Leahy also ruled out the possibility of the Senate’s passing a background-check bill anytime soon, saying that “it is not going to get through now.” He blamed the “far Right” for holding up such measures based on the belief that “the Second Amendment allows us to have anything.”


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