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Leaky House

Going around from a Republican staffer, with that AP story on the intel-committee suspension:

I wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss this story. Waging the War on Terror is the #1 priority for our nation. Make no mistake, leaking selective portions of the National Security Estimate to the media puts American families at risk. Our enemies are constantly trying to shape opinion and influence the outcome of the debate here in America, often times using media as a vehicle. Be sure that Al Qaeda monitors the New York Times and other major news outlets. And know that illegally leaking our most secret information to the media is, in effect, handing it to our enemies through a filter.


House Intelligence Chairman Hoekstra said it clearly: “We are very cautious and very restrained about the kind of information we want to give al-Qaida.” I hope that Democrats did not illegally leak classified national security information to the NY Times simply to score political points during an election year.


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