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Learnin’ the Lingo

I see from one of Kate’s posts below that Mitt is going populist, trying to speak the language of the conservative street: He’s using “Democrat” as an adjective, as in, “The Obama people, the UAW, and Rick Santorum are calling Democrat homes . . .” Bob Dole was a master of this. Who can forget him in the 1976 vice-presidential debate talking about “Democrat wars”? (In fairness, he was retaliating against Mondale’s charges of “Republican recessions.”)

I wonder how long it took Romney to train himself to use “Democrat” in this fashion. And I wonder how long it will take him to drop it, if he wins the nomination. “Democrat homes” is for primary season.

If he really wants to learn to speak conservative, I’m sure that many of us would be glad to introduce him to the basic lexicon. “Repeat after me, Governor: ‘Implement Beck!’”


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