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At Least Eliot Spitzer is Still Alive

About the time Spitzer disappeared for his high cost hijinx, General Reza Zarei, the chief of police in Tehran, who also heads the vice squad, was discovered at a brothel, cavorting with six naked prostitutes. Of course prices are cheaper in Tehran: Market price for an hour ranges from $30 to $80. Zarei, it turns out, had culturally appropriate sex kinks: “One of the women involved says Zarei, 52, asked the group to remove their clothes, “stand in a row in front of him and pray naked.”

Spitzer, after a few days of balking, dutifully went off to one of those nice Arizona rancho rehab places, from which he will emerge ” new man,” whatever the recidivism rates. In the end, Zarei may have paid the higher price after all. According to this report. Ahmadinejad, fearing embarrassment, appears to have had him liquidated.


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