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At Least Huckabee’s Numbers are Improving…

I think I spoke too soon when I compared Mike Huckabee’s third-quarter fundraising totals unfavorably to Ron Paul’s. If it’s true that Huckabee raised “around $1 million” this quarter, that’s a 31-percent increase over his second-quarter total of $766,000. It’s not as impressive as Ron Paul’s 114-percent increase (from $2.3 to $5 million), but at least the numbers are moving upward for Huckabee, which is more than one can say for Giuliani, Romney, or especially McCain.

The real story in the Q3 numbers, besides Paul’s haul, is McCain’s fall from $11.5 million raised in Q2 to just over $5 million this quarter, a decrease of 57 percent. The McCain campaign is also reportedly $2 million in debt. In that light, Huckabee doesn’t look so bad.


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