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Leave Kimmy Alone!

Let me get this straight.

We, as a society, have spent several days on a story about Ellie Kemper — the redheaded actress who played the titular character on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and also had a role on The Office — because (A) she was honored at the “Veiled Prophet Ball,” a weird debutante ball for rich people in St. Louis, in 1999, when she was 19; and (B) like many things in America, that event has some ugly racism in its history, well before Kemper was involved?

And we’re hearing about this now not because someone has newly uncovered it, but because some tweets went viral discussing this information, which has been public for years? And Twitter fanned the flames by including the topic on its “trending” sidebar?

And mainstream media outlets are running honest-to-God articles about what people are saying about this on social media? Including how morons are calling her a “KKK princess”?

Okay then.


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