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Leaving Britain

Old Thatcherite warhorse George Walden’s book Time to Emigrate? is getting a lot of buzz across the pond in UKania.  George also has a surprisingly frank Op-Ed piece in the Telegraph on the theme of White Flight within, and from, Britain from which:

“Yet we must recognise that a sentimental attachment to multi-culturalism persists in public opinion. Ethnic or otherwise, the nation has got it into its head that the warm feelings it induces are the fount of human virtue…  The very word makes people feel good about themselves…  Then along comes the chairman of the [Commission for Racial Equality], who happens to be black, and explains that their preferred, oblivion-inducing narcotic on race relations can in real life lead to a kind of de facto apartheid, because, if all cultures are equal and no over-arching concept of Britishness is allowed, people drift into ghettos. The fact that the opposite to multi-culturalism is integration, which in its state-enforced French version doesn’t appear to work either, hardly helps in getting Phillips’s message across.

“So is there no solution? The ideal solution is not to have the problem, but we have. A certain level of immigration is natural and desirable. But when things get so out of hand that the Governor of the Bank of England complains that he cannot oversee an economy when no one knows how many people are in the country, then there is a problem.

“In essence, the Governor, Trevor Phillips and Time To Emigrate? are saying the same thing: that for social, economic and security reasons, a public reappraisal of where we stand on mass immigration – and so far as it has already happened, where we go from here – is dangerously overdue.

“The trouble is that, so delicate is the situation the British have got themselves into – a white society on eggshells – that neither Government nor Opposition dares tell the country the fix it is in. That is the measure of Phillips’s importance. It is an unnerving situation when ministers have to pretend that things are other than they are, for fear of provoking terrorist violence, and when the Conservative Party, once the place people looked to for home truths, has become little more than a machine for dispensing smarmy ingratiation to the lower orders.”

[Derb]  Of course, absolutely none of that can be applied to the U.S.A.–and a jolly good thing, too, as Americans have nowhere to emigrate to.


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