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Leaving Palin Country

Lots of readers in Michigan agree with me. For example:



You’re absolutely right. Giving up on Michigan is nuts. We’ve got an avid hunter as a VP candidate, her husband is as blue-collar as you can get, the state’s economy is taxed to death during a recession by a democrat governor, and the mayor of Detroit is a crook. I don’t care if the polls show you down by fifteen points — you keep fighting for that state.


And it’s time to go nuclear. McCain/Palin are the populist ticket. Run against the government insiders and their cronies inside Fannie and Freddie. Expose Obama for the radical leftist he really is. Bring up Wright, Ayers, ACORN, Alinski, etc. — because the media won’t and Americans need to know these facts. McCain needs to tap into the anger out there in the electorate. He’s the true reformer. Obama’s the ultimate play-it-safe insider who has never “rocked the boat” in his life.



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