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Lee: Cain, Romney ‘Appear to Be the Frontrunners’

After watching last night’s debate, Sen. Mike Lee (R., Utah), a tea-party favorite, tells NRO that Herman Cain and Mitt Romney “appear to be the frontrunners.”

“It appeared to me that Herman Cain and Mitt Romney were the strongest performers,” Lee says. “You could tell also, just by the way the questions were pitched, who was being picked on the most. And Mitt Romney and Herman Cain appear to be the frontrunners. Polling data seems to be backing that up.” 

Lee add that he understands Cain’s quick rise. ”He’s very talented,” he says. “He’s a very endearing person; you meet him and he has a very magnetic personality. But, you know, they’re all talented. Mitt Romney has a very presidential swagger as well. We’ll see what happens. . . . I could support any one of these people, and will gladly do so.”