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Lee Joins Cruz in Calling for Series of Smaller CRs

Senator Mike Lee (R., Utah), one of the key leaders in the movement to tie anti-Obamacare legislation to the continuing resolution, called today on Congress to pass several small continuing resolutions to ensure that essential services weren’t affected by the shutdown.

Talking about how Congress had passed a bill that funded the military, Lee said in remarks on the Senate floor today, “I think we can do the exact same thing with a number of noncontroversial spending bills that fund aspects of government that Americans overwhelmingly support, Americans acknowledge that we need, and that are completely unrelated to Obamacare.”

“My plan, in other words,” he continued, “would involve setting up segmented continuing resolutions, appropriations measures that would keep the funding going at current levels to various areas within government, including the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, military construction, C.J.S., which includes funding for the Department of Justice, the federal court system, the F.B.I., NASA, and the National Weather Service, for example.”

Last night, Cruz said in a CNBC interview, “I think the House should pass multiple continuing resolutions.”

Watch Lee’s full remarks on the Senate floor:



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