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Left Declaring Victory Over Wal-Mart?


The following is a statement by campaign director, Paul Blank, on last night’s election results:

“For years, Wal-Mart was able to try and hide its anti-family, anti-worker agenda behind a right-wing Congress that was bought and paid for by big corporations.  Last night that all changed.

Despite Wal-Mart’s efforts to defeat Democratic candidates and convince its employees and consumers that poverty wages, unaffordable health care and shipping U.S. jobs overseas are good things, the American people solidly rejected Wal-Mart’s right wing, anti-family agenda.  In fact, every attempt that Wal-Mart made to protect its corporate special interests at the expense of the American people completely failed.

We believe Wal-Mart’s decision to pursue right wing policies that help George Bush and the Republican Party and to intimidate Democratic candidates not only backfired, but will have long-term costs for this company, as consumers and lawmakers realize Wal-Mart is working against the best interests of hard-working families and the American people.

Last night’s election results also prove that the American people are hungry for change and that companies like Wal-Mart will be held accountable for their policies which have hurt hard-working families and threaten the future of America. Now, we look forward to working with lawmakers to change Wal-Mart, protect American jobs, raise wages and create affordable health care for all.

We can only hope that Wal-Mart will hear the calls for change and will sit down with us, work together, and begin a new chapter that will change Wal-Mart and America for the better.”

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