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Left Evangelism

Big media’s melting down. Movies are in a slump. Why? The media’s

losing money because contemporary secular liberalism is really a kind of

religion. Liberals don’t want to make money. They’re out to win

souls. Oh sure, within the acceptable parameters of their secular

religion, liberals are pleased to make a profit. No doubt Hollywood and

MSM do plenty of market research and such. But it’s obvious that the media

would rather “make a difference” (i.e. gain converts to secular liberalism)

than make money. It wouldn’t be hard for the big newspapers and magazines

to attract reporters and writers from all sides of the political-cultural

spectrum. In fact, a news magazine that truly covered stories from both

the left and the right would excite interest, buzz, loyalty–and make

money. Readers would also be more disposed to forgive mistakes. But big

media doesn’t do this because, for secular journalists, making the culture

more liberal is the mission that gives meaning to life.

Contemporary liberalism seeks to diminish Christianity and promote

secularism. And liberals sometimes do this in ways that play into the

hands of Islamic terrorists. I suppose I could be talking about Newsweek,

but I’m really thinking of “Kingdom of Heaven,” Ridley Scott’s film about

the Crusades. I had the misfortune of seeing “Kingdom of Heaven” the other

day. It is the apotheosis of Hollywood’s secular liberalism. Hatred of

religion. That is what “Kingdom of Heaven” is about. Every scene, every

character, every plot-twist advances the central message: religion

bad/secularism good. Are secular liberals running a campaign against

“people of faith?” You bet they are. Just go to the movies and you’ll see

it. This is not about making money. “Kingdom of Heaven” is pulling

Hollywood further into its slump. Who wants to see this p.c. propaganda,

anyway? No, the media’s on a crusade against religion. And they’re

sinking under the weight of their missionary obsession.

Now check out this nonsensical assertion from today’s New York Times:

“As a rule, Hollywood studios go to great lengths to ensure that their

projects–both in the development stage, and especially when they are

positioned in the marketplace–are free of messages that could be offensive

to any great swath of the moviegoing public.” You’ve got to be

kidding. Has this guy even thought about Hollywood’s treatment of religion?


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