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Is Everywhere to Be Protested Now?

Yesterday, the Heritage Foundation’s Capitol Hill headquarters was overrun by anti-Trump protesters from the group People’s Action. Heritage made the most of the free publicity by livestreaming the event and having their Daily Signal reporters cover a story that had just entered their lobby. (And the organization likely welcomed the extra attention on their budget document “Blueprint for Balance,” from which the Trump administration has drawn.)

In taking their stand People’s Action practically eliminated the bar for what merits a protest. Busing demonstrators to Heritage over a budget document reflects a drive to protest that can employ practically anything as its impetus.

People’s Action refrained from informing its conference attendees about the protest beforehand, provided them with premade and pre-approved signs, and instructed them not to speak to the media. Organizers even prevented the Daily Signal’s Melissa Quinn from having a conversation with any of the people waving signs in opposition to Heritage’s ideas.

Such a meticulously controlled horde constitutes the exact opposite of “grassroots” organizing. Is this going to be the new normal?


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