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Dear ‘Male Feminists,’ Leftist Women Hate You

Thanks to Instapundit, I came across this priceless cartoon, first published in Feministing and then tweeted out by Planned Parenthood:

Take it all in. While some of the panels refer pretty clearly to the male feminists I’ve known (guys who mouth all the right slogans mainly as a means of sleeping with lefty coeds), others show the impossible standards for liberal men. My favorite: 

As much as I think I am an ally to womxn [note the hilarious spelling], I do not focus my work where it can make the most impact: other men. By pushing away relationships with men, I impose the burden of my emotional labor on the womxn in my life.

What? Now feminists are policing male friendships, demanding that men impose the proper share of the “emotional labor” on other men rather than, say, their wives? But of course the man better use those male friendships as a platform for feminist rhetoric:

At the social justice reading circle, I stand in solidarity with my sisters, but when I’m chillin’ with the homies and they say something sexist, I either laugh with them or stay silent.

Good luck making those male friendships when you’re constantly tone-policing your friends’ speech, male feminist. You won’t have “homies” for long. As for your opinions, make sure they’re confined to the right topics:

After reading a couple of Audrey Lorde and Bell Hooks books, I now take every opportunity to educate women of color on their own oppression.

The emerging rules of victim politics are clear — only women can speak to “women’s issues,” but heaven help the white woman who tries to speak about women of color. As for men — especially white men? Well, I suppose they can be seen and not heard — unless they’re denouncing the evil of their own gender. Part of me feels sorry for the male feminist. They’ve given up their masculinity and gained nothing but scorn in return. 

David French is a senior writer for National Review, a senior fellow at the National Review Institute, and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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