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A Lefty Likes a Righty

From The Note:

Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, the top Democrat in the Senate, watched the [Stephen Strasburg] game on television even as primary voters in Nevada headed to polls to select his opponent for the November election.

Reid compared Strasburg to Sandy Koufax even though Koufax was a southpaw and Strasburg is not.

“(Strasburg)’s right-handed but reminded me so much of Sandy Koufax because he throws more than 100 miles an hour, throws a curve ball about 85 miles an hour. that’s remark with such great control,” said Reid.

Then, bringing the Washington sports story back to Nevada, Reid pointed out that the Nationals, recently got this year’s number one draft pick too. And they selected Nevada native Bryce Harper, who has about as much hype for his hitting as Strasburg has for pitching.

At least Reid caught the game. Others weren’t so lucky:

Former Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.), a season-ticket holder who has been known to bring his baseball mitt to games in hopes of catching a foul ball, will miss Strasburg’s debut because it’s on a Tuesday night.

“Unfortunately, it’s an election night,” Davis said. “I’m still praying for rain.”

Strasburg, in case you didn’t hear, struck out 14 batters in his Major League debut.


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