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I understand that Rich’s new book on Bill Clinton, Legacy, was published today. I don’t understand why Kathryn has short-changed it so. Perhaps there is some intra-office tiff.

BSF, this raises the question, Who was our worst president? I think several holders of that office stand between Clinton and the title. My nominations for three worst, in descending order, would be Madison, Pierce, and Buchanan. Madison rates a special mention for allowing the White House to be burnt. Pierce and Buchanan were the dim bulbs who enabled the Civil War. (Note to Mike: John Updike’s defense of Buchanan is nonsensical, sheer Pennsylvania patriotism.)

Note to Jay: I am also sympathetic to arguments that Woodrow Wilson was one of our very worst, for corrupting our understanding of the role of the state, and for his inept handling of World War I and the aftermath.

Other nominations?


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