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Legacy Soft On China?

E-mail: “Mr. Lowry: I caught Michael Savage the other day on the radio in my car, and he was saying that Legacy did not go far enough into Clinton’s sell-off of technology to China in return for campaign donations. Now Savage is always a bit over the top, but he does get national air time. I haven’t gotten down to the book store yet for my copy, but do you go into this perfidy by Clinton? I consider this coziness with China to have been one of his most egregious offenses.”

I handle Clinton’s China problems in three sections covering the 1996 fundraising scandal (which I believe would have gotten a Republican impeached), trade policy (I’m pro-free trade, but appalled at some of the Clinton excesses), and his proliferation give-aways, e.g. satellite technology and supercomputers going to China and Russia. An underappreciated aspect of the Clinton administration is its corporate whoredom. For instance, as soon as Clinton announced in May 1994 that not only did he support Most Favored Nation status for China, but that Beijing’s human rights record would no longer be a factor in its consideration, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown jetted to China to cement $5 billion worth of business deals. Chinese officials loved the fact that Brown said “the United States has some of the worst human rights problems.” “You’re the first American who has come here,” Jiang Zemin gushed (if a Chinese official can do such a thing), “and admitted that your situation is nothing to brag about.” Nice! So, anyway, yes I cover China…


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