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Orin Kerr is a law prof, a writer, and an excellent talker — as you can hear in my latest Q&A, here. He pronounces his last name “cur,” though he is anything but. Deborah Kerr, the Scottish beauty who played Anna in The King and I, pronounced her name “car.” Orin Kerr shares a pronunciation with Steve Kerr, the coach of the Golden State Warriors.

They also work in the same town, just about: Orin teaches at the Berkeley Law School. Until earlier this year, that school was known as “Boalt Hall.” But John Henry Boalt, a 19th-century Oakland attorney, turned out to have been a pretty serious racist.

Orin Kerr is from Wilmington, Del., and went to Princeton. He majored in mechanical engineering. But he also took classes in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. (The university is now removing Wilson’s name from that school.) He got another engineering degree at Stanford — a master’s. But then, in a pivot, he went to Harvard Law, and the rest is history.

He clerked for Justice Kennedy. He worked in the DOJ and in the Senate. Now he teaches and writes. In addition to articles and such, he is a virtuosic tweeter, findable here.

In our Q&A, we talk the Supreme Court, presidents, senators, pardons, “treason,” etc. We also talk law school: Do too many kids go? Is there a glut of lawyers? Is there easy intercourse — not that kind — including on controversial issues? Or does one have to walk on eggshells?

Anyway, meet this teacher, Orin Kerr, with no tuition required: again, here.


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