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Legislator Drops Health Emergency Extrajudicial Detention Bill

What is it they say about sunlight being the great disinfectant?

I wrote recently about A-416, a bill in the New York Legislature that would permit the detention of people with communicable diseases once a health emergency was declared by the governor. Well, the sponsor has now scrapped the bill, blaming “conspiracy theorists” for spreading falsehoods about the bill. From his tweet:

Conspiracy theorists, and those who spread misinformation online are once again trolling online on social media, posting concocted stories about A-416.

No one had to “concoct” anything. Nor was it a matter of interpretation. The truth was in the text, which I (and others) quoted.

Some wondered why I wrote about a proposal that would probably not become law. There was no assurance of that. But the best way to keep horrible proposals from becoming actual threats is to expose them early, when they are still a’borning. Because the way things are these days, there is no proposal too radical to dismiss out of hand.


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