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Legislator: ‘Why Should We Have to Vote?’

House Progressive Caucus co-chair Lynn Woolsey (D., Calif.) told ABC’s Top Line today that she finds the Slaughter Rule attractive because she doesn’t think the House should be “forced” to vote on the Senate bill:

“I don’t need to see my colleagues vote for the Senate bill in the House. We don’t like the Senate bill. Why should we be forced to do that?” said Woolsey, D-Calif. “But what we need to know, before any Senate bill is passed, that we have enough of the fixes that we’ve asked for, that we will be satisfied with the final product as a beginning for health care [reform].”

Asked if she would be comfortable with the House voting to deem the bill passed, rather than actually taking a recorded vote on the Senate-passed bill, Woolsey said: “I would be OK with that.”

Somehow this reminds me of absurdist comedian Zach Galifianakis’s opinion of audiences at his stand-up comedy shows: “the nerve of people showing up at a place to sit there and you have to make them laugh. You can’t find stuff that’s humorous? You have to go watch people do it for a living? It’s pathetic.”

Daniel Foster — Daniel Foster is a former news editor of National Review Online.

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