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Lego Agrees to Cease Production of ‘Anti-Islamic’ Star Wars Set

After coming under fire for a Star Wars–themed set that includes a building supposedly resembling a mosque, Lego has agreed to stop production of Jabba’s Palace to appease the Turkish Cultural Community of Austria. The group accused Lego of “racial prejudice and vulgar insinuations” for showing Jabba the Hutt, a villain in the Star Wars franchise, living in a dwelling that some said looks like the Hagia Sophia, which was a mosque from 1453 to 1931.

The Independent reports that, after meeting with the cultural group in Munich over the weekend, Lego executives agreed to cease producing the set in 2014. 

Update: Lego’s brand relations director Michael McNally told TheBlaze yesterday that the company did not discontinue the set because of the controversy surrounding the Islamic group. “As a normal process products in the LEGO Star Wars assortment usually have a life-cycle of one to three years and are not in the portfolio after this time,” he said in an e-mail, clarifying that it was “being discontinued as it was originally planned, not for any other reason.”

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