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Lemmings of the Senate

Regarding the McCain staffer’s comments that Byron reported below about Isakson and Chambliss standing with McCain. I got an e-mail earlier today suggesting those lions of the Senate may not be quite as leonine as they seem:

I spoke with Senator Chambliss’s office today and I was told that they put the wrong comments under the picture of them standing with Kennedy. They were standing off to the side not behind him supporting him. They (meaning Chambliss and Isakson) do not support this bill and will not vote yes on it. I asked if this is media manipulation and I was told yes to make it look as if there is more support than there truly is. I told him that if that is the case than they needed to come forward and let the Georgian’s know because as of now we feel betrayed. I asked that he continue to strongly oppose any amnesty of any form and that includes this bill. Enforce the laws already on the books before making new ones. I said as of now Georgia is know as a state with values against Illegal aliens and to please let that continue to be how Georgia is know. I was told that Senator Chambliss plans on continue to oppose any form of amnesty and that includes this latest bill.

Actually, this isn’t correct with regard to Iskason, who appears to have drunk deeply of the Kool-aid and is still flacking the bill. But maybe Sen. Chambliss just happened to be walking by and stuck his head in to see what was going on?