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Lena Dunham’s Demise

So, Lena Dunham didn’t last long as the voice of a newly self-aware generation of young women who openly acknowledged the awkwardness — and, perhaps, the undesirability — of sex sans commitment. First, it was the ad that managed to combine my 6th-grade sex-ed class with my 6th-grade government class; it told us to vote for the president because he cares a lot about birth control and abortion, and we should love men who never want us to have their children, and care that we can always abort them, or something like that. 

Today, she was sounding more like my friends circa 8th grade, when she gushed on Twitter that “you could bounce a quarter off [Obama’s] butt”: 

See, ladies, two can play at that objectification game. Rock the vote tomorrow; cast a ballot for your favorite sex object. That shouldn’t be too hard, since we spend so much time thinking about boys, anyway — you know, when we’re not thinking about birth control.


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