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Lesser of Two Evils vs. Riskier

From the new NBC/WSJ poll:

When it comes to your vote for [president], would you say that you are excited to be voting for him, you are satisfied to be voting for him, or you are voting for him as the lesser of two evils?

                                McCain Voters             Obama Voters

Excited                             14                               44Satisfied                            42                               33

Lesser of

two evils                            43                               22

Regardless of who you may be supporting for president, as you think about the presidential race and the direction in which the next president will take the country, who do you think would be the riskier choice for president — John McCain or Barack Obama?

McCain                             35

Obama                             55

CORRECTION: A reader points out that 44 percent of Obama’s voters, not the 33 percent that I originally wrote, are excited about voting for him, so the enthusiasm gap is even bigger than first appeared.


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