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Let ’Em Go, Napolitano

The administration’s clever attempt at making the sequester appear scary (and appease its leftist supporters, to boot) has now extended to releasing detained illegal aliens before the sequester date even arrived. Unfortunately for the White House, the reaction has developed not necessarily to Obama’s advantage.

The lefties are asking why such “low priority” illegals were detained in the first place. Conservatives, meanwhile, were outraged at this latest example of lawlessness. Senator Sessions made the obvious point: “The administration has further demonstrated that it has no commitment to enforcing the law and cannot be trusted to deliver on any future promises of enforcement.” I wonder if McCain and his mini-me brought any of this up during yesterday’s White House meeting with Obama, or if they’ll just continue to carry the administration’s water in the Senate.

The New York Times, meanwhile, apparently was hard up to find someone on short notice to interview for its story about this on today’s front page. The person they went with is a probation-violating, wife-beating, child-abusing visa-overstayer who’d been detained for nearly three years because he’d been fighting his deportation with the help of a radical anti-enforcement group. The group was likely approached by the Times to provide a subject for an interview, and the fact that this joker is the best they could come up with tells you something.

Remember, Janet Napolitano considers this probation-violating, wife-beating, child-abusing visa-overstayer to be a low-priority illegal alien, someone who hasn’t violated any “real” laws, and so can be trusted to check in with immigration every week and show up faithfully for his hearings.

Does anyone believe this administration would strictly apply whatever criteria Congress might pass regarding amnesty, or actually enforce the law faithfully in the future to ensure we don’t end up with another 11 million illegal aliens? Bueller? Bueller?


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