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Let The Gloating Begin

With the Kerry campaign graciously seeing the writing on the wall, I do not wish to gloat about the Bush win. But I do wish to gloat about my foresight, which I think we all should take a moment to appreciate now. Let’s take stock of the bidding.

Electoral College as it presently stands: Bush 286, Kerry 252

This Week’s Electoral College Vote Predictions:

Rich Lowry (the Master): “I’m a 270’s guy. 270, 271, 276″

Jim Geraghty (the Voice of Kerry Spot): 271 to 267 (but he nailed the popular vote at 51-48).

Jonah Goldberg (the class clown): “If you’re demanding an exact number, I’ll go with 296.”

Kate O’Beirne (the reason I’m here): Can’t remember the exact number, but very bullish, in the 290-300 range.

I think you know where this is going, don’t you? My post from Monday:

286-252. [Shannen Coffin]

That’s my prediction. Bush holds Ohio and Florida. Picks up NM and IA. NH, overrun by Massachusetts libs who can talk a good game about the need for higher taxes but can’t back it up by paying them, flips to Kerry. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised, however, if I’m wrong on Wisconsin, which I currently have as a Dem hold. Actually, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if I am wrong on the entire damnable enterprise, since I rarely get these things right. I was just hoping I could have something else to laugh at NRO editors about (in addition to the Red Sox Series win), so I am taking a free shot.

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I’d like also to remind readers that I was the voice of reason in the midst of bad exit poll numbers yesterday. Look, I’m not the pro here; just a practicing lawyer with a lot to say. But I felt pretty confident about this race for the last couple of months. Did I have doubts? Sure. But the President has provided solid leadership in very difficult times. Oh, but this isn’t about him. It’s about me beating the pros!!!!! And did I mention that the Red Sox won the World Series?


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