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Let Jindal be Jindal

Count me as delighted that Bobby Jindal is getting some traction in the new NBC News poll in Iowa, up to 6 percent. I’ve often said to people that if a presidential campaign consisted of meeting with small groups of people in a room for an hour or so, Jindal would be elected going away. The advantage of Iowa is that is what a presidential campaign can be (assuming you can live off the land). Alexis has a great piece on the home page today about Jindal in Iowa that describes his relentless campaigning at town halls.

The upside of Jindal is that he is obviously sincere, conservative, smart, knowledgable, and all-American. With the race still highly unsettled and Jindal having been mostly ignored to this point, there is still a chance of him getting a moment as people turn to him as something new and different from the candidates who have been front and center for months. All this said, I haven’t been a fan of some of the tactics that the Jindal campaign has used to try to break through an (admittedly) daunting and consistently crazy news cycle. It seems the best play is what might be starting to pay some dividends: getting Bobby Jindal in front of as many Iowans as possible.

(By the way, Jindal’s uptick in Iowa is another reason that the debate criteria focusing on national polls make no sense.)


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