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Let Me Say This About That

Just a word on behalf of my man the Rev’m Al. I thought he handled the

question about the Fed as well as it could be done, given that he had no

clue what the Fed is or does. To begin with he did a “First, just let me

clear up…” on some utterly unrelated point. That (a) killed 20 seconds or

so of his minute, (b) gave him time to think, (c) made his next move more

plausible. His next move was to substitute the IMF for the Fed. (Now, a

lot of people are supposing that Rev’m Al thinks the IMF **is** the Fed. I

don’t think he’s THAT dumb, though I’ll agree this is entirely a matter of

opinion.) Plainly he knows at least this much about the IMF: that it

imposes conditions on poor (read: black) countries, and he’s against that.

That doesn’t give him much of a foundation for 40 seconds of waffle, but at

least it’s better than the Fed, about which he knows total diddly. AND

there was a fighting chance the moderator would let him get away with the

IMF-for-Fed substitution. In the event, the moderator didn’t let him get

away with it, and he had to do some utterly-contentless waffling about the

Fed. But he didn’t have to do a full minute’s worth, and he’d had more time

to think. Damage control, see? This guy can think on his feet. YOU try

talking for 60 seconds on a topic about which you know absolutely nothing.

You would not do as well as Rev’m Al. Onward and upward, Rev’m.