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Let Them Eat Carbon

Taxes, fees, restrictions and other economic costs imposed in the name of ameliorating climate change are vastly larger in the U.K. than in America.  There is a stifling consensus between left and right on the subject among the British political class. There are a few freethinkers, however, who just won’t get with the program. Among the most persuasive of them is Matthew Sinclair, director of the Taxpayers Alliance. 

Sinclair has written a fantastic new book, Let Them Eat Carbon, pointing out the emperor’s disturbing lack of clothes. It is not an attack on the science, but is an appropriately English appeal to the commonsense point that all of this bollocks just costs a lot more than it’s worth. As was often true of American conservative writing of the 1970s, when conservatism had to confront an overwhelmingly liberal elite consensus, the argument is precise, fact-based and lucidly presented. Sinclair has been over into the future as imagined by many environmental advocates — and it doesn’t work.

If you want to understand the global warming debate from a rational and conservative perspective, you should read this book. If any Cornerites are in London tomorrow night, there is a reception for the author and the book — e-mail me.

Jim Manzi is CEO of Applied Predictive Technologies (APT), an applied artificial intelligence software company.


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