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Let’s Be Fair

Mark: You write that Meghan McCain’s endorsement of Romney is almost as bad as a hug from Obama. That’s really unfair — to Barack Obama.

I think we share pretty much the exact same opinion of Meghan McCain. But what bothers me is the extent to which she is almost entirely a creature of liberals who want to use her as a prop to discredit and attack conservatives. I gather Meghan thinks she is some kind of youth recruiter for a hipper form of conservatism or Republicanism or something. I spend a bit of time following what young conservatives think (I even edited a book on the subject) and as far as I can tell, young conservatives — including the 6.9 percent of them who qualify as “hip” by even liberal standards — do not think much of the young lady to the extent they think about her at all. She is somewhere between Ron Reagan in a dress and Joe Scarborough’s most liberal intern.

Say what you will about Barack Obama, he matters and so does his endorsement.


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