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Let’s Be Honest – Hillary Clinton Would Have Liked This Spending Deal

I know it’s early in Trump’s first term. I know the Republicans will have another bite at the budgetary apple. And, yes, I know that Trump is today loudly signaling his displeasure with the spending deal and vowing to fight next time. But let’s be honest — a Republican president, a Republican House, and a Republican Senate just made a “deal” that Hillary Clinton would have been happy to sign. The wall has to wait. Planned Parenthood gets its cash. The administrative state continues to grow. 

Yes, the GOP did win some limited victories — like boosting defense spending — but the GOP won limited victories back when it only controlled the House. Considering Hillary’s well-established hawkish tendencies, increasing defense spending is exactly the kind of concession she’d make. 

Not only are the Democrats dancing in the end zone, they’re apparently quite confident that they’re going to win the next budget contest as well. They just might be right. Legislative and partisan realities make deal-making difficult. Absent drastic action (like nuking the legislative filibuster) conservatives should brace themselves – a Hillary budget may well be the Trump administration norm. 

David French — David French is a senior writer for National Review, a senior fellow at the National Review Institute, and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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