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Let’s Do This Backwards

Instead of figuring out who we want most, maybe it makes more sense to figure out who we’d like least. Among the potentials, I can really only think of one I’d never vote for under any circumstances and that’s be George Pataki. Next up on the list are the hold-your-nosers. I don’t know enough about the rest of the field to say categorically I’d be pinching my nose to vote for ‘em, but I consider Bill Frist a serious contender for this category. If Hatch ran, he’d be a nose-pincher candidate for me. I’m very torn about Giuliani, but I admire his work in NYC enough to say that I’d have principled problems with the guy, and leave it at that. Let’s say something similar about McCain. The rest range from bleh to need-to-know-more. Condi Rice is far more of an unknown than her backers claim.

But then there’s Cheney. He has one of the best resumes of his generation. He was always more libertarian-Reaganite than Bush. And he likes to crack skulls for truth, justice and the American way.


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