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Let’S Have a Commission!

How typically Washington is it to have calls for a Katrina Commission along the lines of the vaunted 9/11 Commission just as we appear to be on the cusp of calls to investigate the 9/11 Commission, thanks to Able Danger?

Here are a couple of things to remember as you listen to the pining. The 9/11 Commission found that congressional oversight for intelligence and counterterrorism had been “dysfunctional” and called for a radical overhaul and streamlining of the oversight committees. Congress, naturally, declined to reform itself. The 9/11 Commission also called for substantial immigration and identity fraud reforms. Congress declined to enact these major national security improvements – choosing instead to centralize an enormous intelligence bureaucracy which actually needs decentralization to foster competitive analysis and discourage “group think.”

So, if Congress is not going listen to what these expensive, preening, hyper-politicized commissions have to say, why do we need to have them?

But if we’re going to do it, let’s decide right now the one issue everyone will want resolved: who gets the Gorelick Chair – Commissioner Blanco or Commissioner Nagin? And will the levee get more pages in the final Katrina Commission report than the TWO the 9/11 Commission devoted to the wall?

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