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Let’s Rush Away from Distraction Today

I can’t say I’m sorry I’ve missed the last few days of media nonsense while traveling.

Time and again, the Left loves making Rush the issue. In this latest case, framing the HHS-mandate debate as big media man picking on Georgetown law gal is a good story line for them — though it’s a complete distraction from the issue at hand. Rush — who I will always be tremendously grateful to for the clarifying light he so often sheds on issues — has apologized, and we must all get back to business. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we are debating the very future of religious liberty. Is this a country that protects conscience? Does it even believe such a thing can exist?

Today is a day for insisting we get back to the issue we should be discussing. Cardinal Dolan in New York puts the heart of the matter well:

Can a government bureau, in this case the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), define for us or any faith community what is ministry and how it can be exercised? Can government also coerce the church to violate its conscience?

It is a shocking, serious debate we are having . . . or at least should be. 


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