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Letterman: We’re Already Tired of Christie Story

The media’s obsessive coverage of the Bridgegate controversy surrounding Chris Christie is getting to be a bit too much for David Letterman. Contrasted with Rod Blagojevich’s bribery convictions, the bridge closure amounts to “Justin Bieber-level stuff,” the late-night host said on Thursday night.

“We’re already tired of it — I don’t know how you are in the news business, but we’re getting tired of it,” Letterman told NBC News’s anchor Brian Williams on Thursday night. “We’ll continue to beat it to death, of course, but we’re getting tired of it.”

Letterman doubted that people outside of New Jersey care about the story, and that it wouldn’t affect Christie in the primary states in 2016. “I think that this doesn’t hold up the farther west you go,” he said.

Via Breitbart.