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What’s Lewandowski’s Game?

In response to Blagojevich Reckless, Obama Evasive on Bank of America and Chicago Window Company

So Trump has defended Corey Lewandowski, who waded into the crowd at a rally yesterday and apparently grabbed a protester. This is the second time that Trump’s campaign manager has laid hands on someone. The first time was his assault on Michelle Fields, who has pressed charges. Any reasonably decent person would have fired Lewandowski for that. Heck, Cruz fired his spokesman for circulating a false story about Rubio. But, as we’ve seen, Trump is not a reasonably decent person. In an in-your-face gesture, he made sure to feature Lewandowski on the stage with him at his victory press conference. 

It isn’t normal for campaign managers to play security guard. Trump has his own private guards, he has Secret Service protection, and he has the local police providing security, so what is going on here? This is street theater. If there’s one thing we know Trump excels at, it’s creating controversy and dominating the news. Leftist protesters — schooled on college campuses and other places where leftist authoritarianism reigns — seem to think they have a right to prevent Trump from speaking. They are masters of the heckler’s veto. They should be denounced and when necessary, removed by police.

That’s not Trump’s way. He encourages reciprocal violence. It seems to excite him. It seems quite possible that he sent Lewandowski into the crowd in hopes that he would be hurt by a protester. What a narrative he would have then: Trump people under siege from violent leftists. Everyone rally around! And another news cycle goes all Trump.



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