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Lhota: Judge’s Stop-and-Frisk Ruling a ‘Step Closer’ to Making NYC Like Detroit

Joe Lhota, the favorite for New York City’s mayoral Republican nominee, echoed Michael Bloomberg’s concerns about yesterday’s ruling that found the city’s “stop and frisk” program unconstitutional. “Basically, this judge has put every great thing that’s happened in New York City over the last 20 years at risk,” he told Fox News this morning.

Lhota argued that U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin’s ruling was “not based on facts” because she ignored the policy’s “compliance with the United States Constitution” as affirmed by Supreme Court precedent. He credited “stop and frisk” for making New York the “safest large city in America.”

“This single act alone is enough to cause it to go in another direction,” Lhota said. “It’s another step closer to making New York City like Detroit.”

Yesterday, the judge ruled the policy was unconstitutional and said that it was a form of racial profiling.


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