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The Libby Sentencing: The Defense Speaks, Pt. 2

Libby also submitted a brief describing letters written on his behalf by people who have worked with him during his career. The people are quoted and described — a former State Department colleague, a retired vice admiral, a former pro bono client, a former deputy in the Office of the Vice President, and so on — but not actually named. All testify to Libby’s good qualities. A number of left-wing bloggers had asked Judge Walton to make public the testimonials — there are about 150 — before sentencing next Tuesday, hoping that somehow, someone might be embarrassed by the revelations. It’s hard to see exactly what they want — some appear to hope, for example, that Fred Thompson has written a letter that would reveal his support for Libby, which seems odd since Thompson has already taken a very public stand in support of Libby — but the bloggers did not succeed in their request. Instead, Walton has said he will make the letters public after sentencing.

Correction — I said all 150 letters are in support of Libby.  That’s not true.  Some of the letters are from the other side, asking Walton to throw the book at Libby.