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Liberal Law Prof: Obama’s Executive Amnesty ‘Tearing at the Very Fabric of the Constitution’

Georgetown law professor Jonathan Turley, a political liberal but a longstanding critic of President Obama’s executive overreach, continued to sound the alarm against the president’s planned executive amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, saying it will “tear at the very fabric of the Constitution.”

Turley spoke Friday with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly about the White House’s proposed unilateral action, which will almost certainly come by the end of the year. “It’s a very sad moment, but it’s becoming a particularly dangerous moment — particularly after this election – to defy the will of Congress yet again,” he said.

“What the president is suggesting is tearing at the very fabric of the Constitution,” Turley continued. “We have a separation of powers that gives us balance. And that doesn’t protect the branches — it’s not there to protect the executive branch or legislative branch — it’s to protect liberty. It’s to prevent any branch from assuming so much control that they become a threat to liberty.”

The professor took issue with some congressional Democrats — as well as some lawyers — who contend that President Obama’s promised executive action differs little from measures taken by his predecessors. “This would be unprecedented,” he said, “and I think it would be an unprecedented threat to the balance of powers within our system.”


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