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Liberal Lie That Will Not Die

I happen to agree with columnist Richard Cohen that President Bush should have fired George Tenet long ago and that one of his greatest failings is not holding people responsible for their actions. But then Cohen undermines his own case by quoting this undying error of the Left:

“Or take Condoleezza Rice. Should she have known that Bush was blowing smoke when he told the nation that Iraq had tried to buy uranium from Niger?”

AAARRRGGGHHHHH! Would you please stop it? For the one hundredth time, here is what President Bush said in the State of the Union address regarding Iraq, yellow cake and Niger:

“The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.”

That statement is true, and it’s backed up by continuing discoveries in Iraq that Hussein–who had a French-back nuclear program in the 1980s–never gave up his aspirations for nuclear weapons.

Could someone kill this canard once and for all?

Michael Graham — Michael Graham was born in Los Angeles and raised in South Carolina. A graduate of Oral Roberts University, he worked as a stand-up comedian before beginning his political career as ...

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