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A Liberal Perspective on Cruz-Dewhurst

A liberal columnist at my old college newspaper opines:


For Progressive Democrats, David Dewhurst is the best option.

Dewhurst publicly affirmed his support for a guest-worker program in 2007. His more recent anti-immigrant rhetoric represents his response to Cruz attacking his conservative credentials – not a surprising shift for an office-seeking candidate. But if Dewhurst is elected to a six-year term and Democrats make significant electoral gains in the nation’s legislative body (likely with the President on the ballot), the Lieutenant Governor’s prior support for immigration reform might re-emerge. In addition, the six-year term will permit Dewhurst to work with President Barack Obama (presuming he wins a second term) on immigration reform, since Dewhurst wouldn’t face re-election until 2018.

Ted Cruz, on the other hand, has not exhibited progressive behavior at all. 

Ted Cruz should send this kid a box of the finest chocolates and make “Ted Cruz Has Not Exhibited Any Progressive Behavior At All” his official campaign motto.

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