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Liberaltarianism, Again

Here is the long-awaited (by some) liberaltarian BHtv discussion between Will Wilkinson and yours truly. I haven’t rewatched it, but if memory serves we actually had a pretty substantive and entertaining discussion and moved the ball a bit downfield, particularly after the first 15 minutes or so. If left to our druthers, I think Will and I could have kept chewing this stuff for hours more.

Indeed, because there are all sorts of points I either wanted to make or wish I’d made since the conversation, I’m going to try to post something tomorrow, despite a crushingly busy schedule. I do think people interested in this stuff may want to watch. If you’re not interested in this stuff, you may prefer shaving your body with a broken bottle.

Update: As for the BHtv comments section, so far it seems to be dedicated to the apparently outrageous proposition (suggested by me) that the New York Times is anything less than an intellectually and ideologically diverse forum.  One more example of why we look at adding blog comments with some skepticism around here.


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