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Liberian Expats Threatened after Speaking with NRO

Jackson Towah and Bernard Goah, Liberian expats seeking to expose war criminals hiding in the U.S., say they have begun receiving threats after speaking with NRO. Towah says he began receiving threats before my story, “The Liberian Warlord Next Door,” was published this morning. 

Towah and Goah were the sources in the piece who identified Michael Koolor, aka Marcus Johnson of Minnesota, as a former rebel general in the Liberian civil war. Koolor/Johnson is co-chairman of the board of directors of the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas. Towah and Goah say the association has helped shield former rebel fighters.

Late last night, hours before NRO published the story, the association deleted Koolor’s name from its website. (The website used to look like this; it now looks like this.) NRO has also obtained a memo sent out yesterday by the organization that says Goah and Towah had spoken with me, and that it would hold a conference call to address the situation. Neither Goah, Towah, nor NRO know how the organization knew who had spoken out before the story was published.

“Jackson Towah and Bernard Goah gave FBI officials information about Dr. George Boley that led to his arrest, detention, and subsequent deportation to Liberia,” the memo reads. “The national administration wants to take this time to make it publicly clear that we take serious exception to the behavior of Jackson Towah for trying to cause problems for honest and hardworking Grand Gedeans who have not done anything to warrant these harassments.”

(George Boley Sr. is a former warlord who committed human rights abuses in the Liberian civil war, and was deported from the U.S. by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in 2012.)

The Grand Gedeh Association’s memo also contains false information. It claims that Towah told NRO the names of several former fighters, including “Moses Thomas Albert Zedueh Dorue, Fred Gwyan, [and] Matthew Wayee.”  He never mentioned these names to NRO.

You can read the full story about suspected Liberian war criminals attempting to hide out in the United States here.  

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