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Are the French – ooo la *hic* la – turning British? The Telegraph reports government officials fear “that the culture of binge drinking is making in-roads from across the Channel.” (D-T Day?)

So to “tackle the growing problem of ‘le binge drinking,’” bureaucrats from the city of Rennes are buying student-frequented bars in the historic district and shutting them down.” The score so far: two bars and more in the offing. Monsieur le Councilor Honore Puil boasts: “It is still very much an active policy and we plan to continue with it.” Quel dommage.

Meanwhile, are the Brits in turn going Froggy? Eager to “combat Britain’s binge-drinking culture,” so reports the Telegraph, a government health advisor (Professor Julian le Grand, no relation to Marnier) is urging a ban on the sale of alcohol in supermarkets, and blasted the cost of booze as “disgracefully low.”

You’ll love this Brit blogger’s salty take on the Professor’s proposal (warning: curses and other nasty words!).


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