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Lots and lots of active Corner readers are librarians (draw your own conclusion about what that says about their workload). We welcome and appreciate them. Nonetheless, I do like this email:

Hi Jonah. As a professional librarian, in both the corporate and the

academic world, for over 17 years I think I can provide you with some

insight into why librarians are so sensitive about their image.

The dirty secret that no ones wants to own up to about this profession

is that it really isn’t a profession at all, certainly not in the way

lawyers or doctors or engineers use the term. It’s more like a trade

that any intelligent 20 year old could be trained to do in 6 months.

Sure, there are a lot of things that you pick up from experience but

the idea that you need a masters degree to do this job is just

ridiculous. But they (ALA, etc.) set up barriers, like the requirement

of a Masters, in order to provide the image that there is more to this

job then their really is. Librarians know this deep down, they

basically have a chip on their shoulders about not being taken seriously

as a profession, so they go out of their way to inflate their importance

to society. Thus we have the ALA’s “Banned Book Week” when in fact any

intelligent person knows full well that there are no banned books in

this country at all. Just because a library doesn’t have a book in its

collection doesn’t make that book banned, but apparently the ALA defines

banned as meaning that someone might have to go on and buy it

themselves. The leftists at the ALA just can’t stand that fact that some

right wing tax payer would have the gall to object to his or her tax

dollars being used to purchase books that they object to (Heather Has

Two Daddies, etc.). What they really object to of course is having

someone question their “professional” judgment. So they use a

deliberately provocative term, banned books, to conjure up images of

Nazis burning books. Likewise, the ALA has to treat the Patriot Act as

some monstrosity that we need them to protect us from in order for them

to be able to portray themselves as important to societies future.. It

is true that we keep circulation records confidential and there are good

reasons for that. But to say that because the FBI or some other law

enforcement agency now has the right to take a look at those (with a

court order I might add) that we are now in some sort of police state

only goes to show how desperate the majority of the “leaders” of this

profession are to maintain the fiction that they are important and

needed gate keepers for society.

Better not post my name with this if you put it on the Corner, this is

traitorous hate speech to this crowd.


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