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Lieberman-Warner RIP

I don’t think I’ve ever seen as pathetic an attempt at legislative management as the majority’s bumbling attempts to promote the Lieberman-Warner global warming bill this week (and I lived through the Major government in Britain).  From Sen. Boxer’s stumbling delivery, through the farce of the full reading of the 491-page “minor textual” amendments to today’s failure by the majority even to reach 50 votes for cloture when it was a free vote, this has been high comedy all around (or low tragedy if you are an alarmist).  Whatever possessed them to believe that a time when Americans are suffering from high food and energy prices would be appropriate to discuss a bill whose only point is that is raises those prices further to discourage energy use? The only way to manage the manageable risk of global warming is to produce a package of measures that does not raise energy prices, rather than the massive, many trillion dollar wealth-redistribution and tax package these geniuses came up with.  

For the record, here are the seven Republicans who voted for cloture today: Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Elizabeth Dole (N.C.), Mel Martinez (Fla.), Gordon Smith (Ore.), Olympia Snowe (Maine), John Sununu (N.H.)and John Warner (Va.).  Democrats voting against were: Sens. Sherrod Brown (Ohio), Byron Dorgan (N.D.), Tim Johnson (S.D.) and Mary Landrieu (La.).

John McCain sent a letter saying he would have supported cloture, but was condemned by the Center for American Progress for demanding a price of ”billions of dollars for nuclear pork, and zero assistance for American families.”  I get the feeling they don’t like him any more.

My main question now is whether they will ever allow Senator Boxer to manage any major initiative ever again.


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